Strength Crystal Candle

I am a big believer of healing crystals. I have been working and designing 5 candles for my collection.

The candles are made from 100% soy wax and have a crackle wood wick.


Health -  Throughout our lifetimes, we experience not only physical sickness, but also emotional and mental challenges.  This can be a thoughtful gift to your loved ones to show them how to be strong during their struggle. 

Tourmaline stone promotes health and well being by strengthening the immune system and calming the mind. 

Fragrance is Rock Salt & Driftwood - A mesmerising floral marine scent where refreshing notes of seaweed and green algae lie in cool rock pools livened by a fresh coastal breeze and enhanced by touches of cyclamen and water lily. At the base of the fragrance, sparkling salt crusted driftwood is warmed by amber, patchouli and musk.


Strength -  Feel empowered to take on whatever comes your way with the strength candle. The Tiger Eye stone core will provide you with courage.

Fragrance - A smooth, woody Oriental fragrance where refreshing top notes of orange and lemon, combine with green galbanum, black pepper and a hint of rosemary. These rest upon warming clove, a touch of jasmine, sumptuous woods, patchouli, musk and amber. Let the aromatic adventure begin. This will balance your body, mind, and spirit.

Our strength candle will allow you to expand and step into your power, fortifying you to tackle any challenge you may face.

Tiger Eye Stone -  This stone  radiates powerful vibes to release fear and anxiety.





Strength Crystal Candle

  • The candles are made from 100% soy wax to ensure the best scent throw possible whilst keeping carbon emissions to a minimum. Soy wax candles carry a great scent. You’ll enjoy your candles longer due to a slower burn. Our favorite point is they’re the most eco-friendly candles on the market. The fragrance oils are all UK cosmetic graded. Not tested on animals. Vegan Friendly. Made in the UK.